Welcome to the City of Berkeley's Office of Economic Development/Civic Arts Program Submittable site! The City uses this online application manager to cut down on paper waste and improve efficiency. 

The Berkeley Art Works Projects is a grant program to fund visual and performing artists to implement temporary projects in the public realm throughout Berkeley in order to contribute to our community’s resilience and recovery from the effects of COVID-19. Artists are asked to identify a project location as part of their grant application. The location may be identified through the artist’s own efforts or artists may select a project location from a list of potential locations that will be listed on the Civic Arts Program website.

If you are a merchant group, business, nonprofit, neighborhood association or other entity that owns a location that would be perfect for a temporary art project, please let us know by submitting a Project Host Application. Examples of possible project locations include empty or boarded storefronts; blank street facing walls; or outdoor dining structures.

We are accepting Project Host Applications on a rolling basis and the Civic Arts Program list of potential project locations will evolve as more project location applications are received.


The Berkeley Art Works Projects Grants are provided directly to artists and not to the project host. Projects funded through this program may range in cost from $1,000 to $10,000 each, based upon the scale of the proposed project.

As a Berkeley Art Works Project host, you are not required to provide any project funding, but you may opt to match City grant funds to allow the selected artist to create a larger project. You may also opt to cover some of the costs to prepare the site for an artwork, such as painting a mural wall with primer, to allow the grant funding to go toward the artwork project. Please do not proceed with any site preparations until you are matched with a funded artist project.

No matter how much the property owner agrees to pay to support the project, the artwork belongs to the artist and is intended to be temporary. The work should stay up as long as it is agreed upon and written into the contract.


Art projects must take place within the City of Berkeley and must adhere to the City of Berkeley Health Orders that are in place at the time of the project implementation.

Project Host applicants must be the property owner or authorized by the owner of the location to host a temporary art project.

Property owners are required to carry general liability insurance naming the City of Berkeley and the individual artists as additionally insured.

Property owners agree to cover the cost repairing or recreating the art if it is damaged or stolen. The value of the artwork will be limited to the grant amount.

Artists will budget from their grant funds to prepare the site for installation and for removal of the artwork at the end of the project, unless otherwise agreed upon in the contract with the artist.

City of Berkeley Office of Economic Development