Welcome to the City of Berkeley's Office of Economic Development grants management system! 

This page is used to apply for open opportunities from Civic Arts and Business Services. 

The City uses this online application manager to cut down on paper waste and improve efficiency. 

The City of Berkeley Civic Arts Grants Program is currently seeking grant review panelists. The review panel process is designed to ensure that our grantmaking is transparent, thoughtful, and reflective of our cultural equity values.

The Grants Program currently provides funding in three categories: 

  1. General Operating Support
  2. Individual Artist Projects
  3. Community Festivals 

Two new grant categories we may be offering this year include:

  1. Arts Program
  2. Capital Projects

Each grant category will be reviewed by a separate panel comprised of at least three panelists. Panelists will initially evaluate and score their assigned grant applications independently. Panelists will have several weeks to complete their independent review, and then meet virtually (using Zoom) to conduct the panel review. Grant panel review meetings are open to the public, but not recorded. Depending on the number of applications received, grant review panels may take place over 1 or 2 days.

The Civic Arts Program seeks panelists based in the greater Bay Area who are knowledgeable about the arts and cultural sector as it pertains to non-profit organizations, practicing artists, cultural events, and cultural equity. If accepted to be included in the Civic Arts grant panelist pool, panelists will be eligible to serve up to two years. Panelists are approved to be included in the panelist pool by the Civic Arts Commission. Staff ensures that the makeup of panels is representative of Berkeley’s demographics and the artistic disciplines evident in the grant application pool.

Panelists are currently compensated at rate of $25 for each application reviewed. Panelists must complete all assigned reviews before the scheduled panel review meeting to receive payment. 

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